Creative. Professional. Thought provoking. That’s how people describe investor and marketing communication design experts see see eye. Since 1992, we’ve developed a reputation for creating award-winning design focused exclusively on helping companies communicate with key stakeholders.
Using strategic creative design and effective message development, we produce annual reports, branding programs, Web sites and other communications targeted to investors, customers, employees and communities. see see eye will help you create communications as unique as your company.


Many agencies talk about collaboration, but at see see eye, we live it. We immerse ourselves in our clients’ worlds in order to design effective, creative solutions that meet the challenges of today’s marketplace. These are just some of the clients we are proud to have worked with.

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How we work

Our process allows us to generate ideas that re-energize your company through creative messaging and distinctive design. Take a moment to learn how we will change the way your company thinks about design. Our expertise stems from a simple truth—insightful strategy is essential to extraordinary design, and inspired design is the bridge between strategy and result. Our clients’ success requires both. We’ve built our team, honed our skills and developed a process that delivers it all—art and science, intuition and knowledge, creativity and structure.


What makes your company tick? Beyond the mission, vision and financials is a story that needs to be told and we engross ourselves in your company to root it out. We read everything we can find and listen to your team to understand your goals and corporate culture. Every great project begins with a strong foundation, and during the discovery phase we define the audiences, outline communication priorities and identify any challenges so we can build the strongest foundation for your communications.


A great message is the catalyst for a project. It is the spark that influences the rest of the project and it is what audiences will remember. During development we focus on what was learned in our discovery and tap into the right brain to form compelling messages for your project. Once we’ve collaborated internally, we present the ideas to your team as illustrated storyboards.


Even the best message will be lost if the design is average. That won’t happen at see see eye. Our award-winning design team calls on years of experience to develop layout options that echo your project aspirations, from the big picture down to the smallest detail. Together with your team, we select the perfect design  that best amplifies the message.


This is where the proverbial rubber hits the road. Our team organizes and supervises the photography, copywriting, production (print or online) and printing of your project to make it a reality. We have your team review pieces along the way, but our proven process helps make the experience as easy as possible and delivers the best result.


Our process is always evolving to meet our clients’ needs; because even though our steps ensure success, we know there are different paths to the best solution. So when the project is finished and a framed copy hangs on your wall (we can dream), we like to meet one last time to discuss how things went and hear your audiences’ reactions.

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